About Us

Marketplace Leaders Alliance is a platform for professionals and entrepreneurs in the marketplace to come together in one forum around the globe to use their ministry gifts, professional, and personal skills that they have utilized, in order to help others grow. 

MLA was founded by Cathy Padgett business consultant, coach and speaker.  She has been in the marketplace hosting events such as the Indiana Small Business Expo, Money Making-Masters and facilitated many other Events.  Cathy's passion for ministry led her to create Marketplace Leaders Alliance. She has learned through her own experience that you can live your purpose and impact the lives of many in the marketplace.  In fact, it's the greatest mission field available!

Through trade shows,expos, and events,  professionals will not only exhibit their products or services; professional Christians will be able to speak into the lives of others sharing experiences, knowledge and their expertise. Together we will make a huge impact in the professional world and our communities.


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